We’ve Passed Our 30,000 User Milestone!

04 December 2011

In April, when we first launched Doximity, we set a goal to reach 30,000 members before the end of the year. There are 600,000 physicians currently practicing in the U.S., so 30,000 would represent 5% of our market. For companies that rely on registered users, this is typically the point where growth shifts well beyond early adopters.

This past week–just eight months later–we hit that mark. (You can read more about it in the context of other healthcare companies in this TechCrunch blog post, and for even more nitty gritty, on our press page.) We’re also wrapping up the year having become the largest medical professional network in the U.S. To give you a sense of size, LinkedIn, which is the biggest professional network overall and the only other such medical network requiring real name users, currently has 15,000 physician members nationally.

We’re excited about how far we’ve already come, and are looking forward to rolling out some new features in the next few months. Please continue to reach out to us here, on the site, and through Facebook and Twitter. We’re committed to addressing the unique needs of doctors and, as such, we take your feedback very seriously.

Sincerely, The Doximity Team

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