15 Practical Apps for Your iPad

08 September 2011

Editor’s note: Nate Gross is a Product Manager at Doximity.

On the heels of last week’s smartphone guide, here’s something surprising: a Manhattan Research study revealed that 30% of doctors in the U.S. already use an iPad–and an additional 28% plan to buy one within the next six months. In the spirit of the post-Labor Day gear-up, we decided to stick to tech topics for a little bit longer and run a quick cheat sheet for making the most of your device.

GoodReader: An extremely powerful file viewer and manager, GoodReader can search and annotate PDFs, as well as sync with cloud accounts including Dropbox and Google Docs.

Instapaper: Use Instapaper to read that long article or web page on your own time, formatted beautifully like an eBook. Source articles using the handy bookmarklet, your favorite RSS or Twitter client, or several curated collections.

Handoff: In one click, Handoff can push links, text, addresses and phone numbers from your computer directly to the appropriate app on your iPad.

Flipboard: An elegant, customized iPad magazine with stories from the sources you want, including those culled from your Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Reeder: For power users of Google Reader, the form and function of the Reeder app will help you enjoy even the most complex RSS collections. (If you’re more of a casual RSS user, ultra-visual Pulse is another great option.)

AudioNote: Designed to record voice and write notes in synchrony, Audionote’s biggest strength is a feature that allows you to highlight words in your written notes and jump to the corresponding segment of the audio recording.

Atomic Web: Our pick for customized Internet browsing, Atomic Web supports full screen mode, unlimited tabs, source viewing, downloads, offline viewing, user agents and more.

Splashtop: No more documents and files left behind. Use Splashtop to remotely access everything on your Mac or PC’s desktop, including streaming audio and video.

Air Display: Perfect for powerpoint presentations, modular applications or drawing, Air Display turns your iPad into a second monitor for your computer–with touchscreen capability.

LastPassTab: The LastPassTab app is the iPad browser client for the popular LastPass service, which encrypts and syncs your passwords across all your computers and devices. (Want to avoid the cloud but still sync passwords? 1Password offers similar identity management, manually transferred and stored locally on your device.) Skype: Pre-installed FaceTime is fantastic service, but we prefer to complement it with Skype because of its large and cross-platform existing user base.

Evernote: Described as an “extension of your brain,” Evernote is a catch-all repository for notes, ideas, images and audio–all of it synced, tagged, searchable and ready to assist whenever you need some extra organized memory.

WordBook XL: Powered by Princeton’s WordNet project–which specializes in grouping and connecting words–the WordBook XL dictionary/thesaurus provides richer, more relevant entries than most.

Inspire Pro: Use Inspire Pro when you need a good go-to drawing app for ideas that can scale up to advanced painting. (If you want simple drawings of ideas or explanations, try Penultimate.)

Filterstorm: With Filterstorm, you’re getting a powerful photo editor for adjusting images while on the go. (Casual photo editor? Try Photogene.)

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