8 Ways Doctors Are Using Doximity Dialer Virtual Backgrounds to Improve Patient Care

Apr 05, 2021 · Doximity Insider

Virtual backgrounds are now available for your telemedicine calls in the Doximity app and on your computer by visiting doximity.com/dialer/video.

Here are 8 ways doctors are using Doximity Dialer virtual backgrounds to improve patient care:

1. Communicate With Patients From Anywhere

"Doximity Dialer virtual backgrounds are so cool! When I work from home, my immediate surroundings can be blurred or changed, and my patient still sees me clearly. At work, I sometimes change my background to a different surrounding to make the experience more pleasant for the patient. The concept is wonderful and has great applications for telemedicine which seems to be here to stay." Nilanjana Bose, MD (Rheumatology)

2. Limit Background Distractions

"Doximity virtual backgrounds allow me to choose a clinical backdrop or blurring feature to minimize distractions during the video visit." Ana Felix, MD (Neurology)

3. Help Patients Feel at Ease

"The virtual background feature on Doximity Dialer can provide me with either a more professional presentation or alternatively a more approachable one to my patients. They also have the effect of reducing patient distraction during telemedicine visits." Laurel Mehler, MD (Pediatrics)

4. Keep Your Private Life Private

"I don't want patients seeing my home, my kids, or my spouse during a video visit. Doximity Dialer virtual backgrounds have allowed me to keep my home life private and have made patient care easier during the pandemic." Karl von Tiehl, MD (Allergy/Immunology)

5. Look Professional in Any Setting

"To me, the luxury of Doximity Dialer virtual backgrounds is the ability to maintain a professional setting wherever I am—whether I'm working from home, from an improvised office in the hospital, or even if I'm outdoors. As a psychiatrist, offering a familiar, reassuring space during a video encounter is crucial for my patients." Simone Tomasi, MD (Psychiatry)

6. Kids Love Them

"All my pediatric patients love the virtual backgrounds, especially the ones with the lions, elephants, and giraffes! After I started using these, I found that my patients became more interested in participating in telemedicine visits and it became easier to engage with them while testing their language and cognitive skills. My visits became more fun for them and more productive for me and their parents." Irene Baluyut, MD (Pediatrics)

7. They're Easy to Use

"The virtual background feature on Doximity is super easy to use. The feature allows my patients to focus on me and our conversation instead of getting distracted by what's going on in the background." Sujan Joshi, MD (Family Medicine)

8. Doctors love them! See what they're saying on social:

Tweet from Sajal Tanna, MD (Infectious Disease)

"Having fun with these backgrounds! First, trying to make me look smart. The second one at Levi's Stadium!" Review from Munir Janmohamed, MD (Cardiology)

Tweet from Reed Berger, MD (Gastroenterology)

Tweet from Eduardo Yave Hernandez Verge, MD (Family Medicine)

Tweet from Jodi Oostra, MD (General Surgery)

"I've enjoyed using the Virtual Backgrounds from Doximity! I use a Star Trek next-generation medical desk and console. It's fun and my patients seem to enjoy it!" Review from Alan Berkowitz, MD (Geriatrics)

For more information and to see how they work visit: dox.im/background

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