How Clinicians Are Using the UpToDate Dialer Integration to Improve Patient Care

Jun 07, 2021 · Doximity Insider

UpToDate is now available on your computer in Doximity Dialer visit to get started.

Doximity has partnered with the leading medical reference tool, UpToDate. Doximity Dialer users can now open the UpToDate reference during their telehealth visits making it easier to find the information you need — when and where you need it.

Here's how doctors are using the UpToDate Dialer Video Integration to Improve Patient Care:

1. Saves time and allows for more meaningful patient discussions

“Having access to UpToDate while on a call on Dialer allows me to easily get accurate and timely information that I can share with the patient during our telehealth visit rather than waiting to look it up after the visit and then having to reach the patient again. This saves time and allows for a more meaningful discussion with the patient.” -Sonal Mankodi, MD (Massachusetts General Hospital)

2. UpToDate access at the point of care

“Using UpToDate at the point of care takes virtual visits with Doximity Dialer to the next level. I serve in family medicine so I routinely pull up the cardiovascular risk assessment during visits and my patients can see their risk stratification in real-time. Patients love it and so do I!” -Stephanie Phillips, DO (Dept of VA)

3. Better quality of delivered care

“As a surgical specialist, I often meet patients with rare comorbidities that need nuanced care. The Doximity Dialer integration with UptoDate lowers barriers for quickly reviewing the most salient management developments in that particular space at the point of care and during the patient’s visit. Although tools such as UptoDate cannot replace a consultation with one’s colleagues, they can greatly contribute to the quality of delivered care, especially in patients with rare conditions outside one’s area of expertise.” -Alexander Kutikov, MD (Fox Chase Cancer Center)

4. Provide patients with real-time information and treatment options

“As we turn more and more to a virtual platform for patient care, Doximity Dialer has provided me and my co-residents opportunities to seamlessly connect with our patients in a user-friendly space. The addition of having easy access to UpToDate to quickly lookup the most current treatment options, medication doses, and references have also improved my ability to provide patients with real-time information without the worry of logging in from another browser or losing the call connection.” -Risa Reid, MD (Carolinas Medical Center)

5. No more toggling between windows

“Doximity makes it easy to access clinical references via UpToDate during my video visits without having to toggle between windows.” -Christopher Kelly, MD (UNC)

6. Improved physician/patient encounters

“Once again Doximity has added another tool to improve the physician/patient encounter. The seamless UpToDate integration into Doximity Dialer provides a simple quick way of accessing all UpToDate has to offer without navigating away from Dialer and the patient visit.” -Munir Janmohamed, MD (Mercy General Hospital)

7. One window, fewer clicks

“I use Doximity Dialer for all of my outpatient visits. Having UpToDate available right in the Doximity Dialer window allows me to look up medication dosing or the incidence of side effects with fewer clicks than before. This allows me to give the best information to my patients in real-time.” -Andrew Carlo, MD (Northwestern)

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