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A very warm welcome to our company blog!

Jul 21, 2011 · Doximity Insider

A very warm welcome to Doximity Blog! Since our company’s beta launch in
April, we’ve had the opportunity to talk a lot about what Doximity is; that
we’re a private, HIPAA-compliant network where verified physicians and
medical professionals can connect, refer, and securely communicate on the
iPhone, Android, and Web.

A blog is a way to engage more frequently, more diversely, and–if we do the job
right–with more fodder for discussion. For all those reasons, we wanted to set
the tone and kick things off with a post that focuses the conversation on not
just our product but also the group of individuals behind it.

As a team, we at Doximity are:

Physician-centric. Many of us are physicians, and those who aren’t wish we
were. As such, we’ve used the leading hospital/clinic software systems, and
we’re generally annoyed by how ugly and inefficient they are. They seem to be
made primarily for CFOs and CIOs. That’s because, more often than not, they

Technophilic. We’re all Silicon Valley immigrants and while we hate the
housing prices here, we love the technology. We geek out about the latest sites
and gush over elegant design. Our 2 year-old kids know how to say “iPhone,”
“iPad,” and “Android,” and we secretly like it.

Pragmatic. We lack the patience to be political. That’s not to say health
policy isn’t important, it’s just not our cup of tea. We’re practical “do’ers”
and there’s lots that can be done right now to improve medical communications.
Our beta product is testament to that.

Several of us hail from Epocrates, where we had the same founding ideals and
spirit–we just never had a place to write about them back then. There’s a lot
to dig into in this space, and we’ve configured our blog so that individual
team members can take the floor. Ideally, this will afford you a breadth and
depth of information and points of view. We couldn’t be more excited to get

Jeff Tangney, CEO & the Doximity Team

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