2022-2023 Residency Navigator is Now Live!

Insights from 125,000 Verified Physicians to Help Medical Students Discover the Right Program

Jul 25, 2022 · The Doximity Residency Navigator Team

Introducing the 2022-2023 Residency Navigator

Doximity, the leading digital platform for U.S. medical professionals, is proud to announce the release of its 2022-2023 Residency Navigator results. Residency Navigator is the most comprehensive residency program directory available, consisting of over 300,000 reviews and ratings from more than 125,000 verified current residents and recent alumni. Over 90% of fourth-year U.S. medical students use Residency Navigator to learn about over 5,000 residency programs across 28 specialties, with information on program culture, career guidance, specialization analyses, and more.

“Choosing a residency program is one of the most significant decisions in a young physician’s career,” said Nate Gross, M.D., co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Doximity. “Residency Navigator is designed to offer students the insights and data they need to identify the residency programs that best fit their personal and career goals.”

Residency Navigator makes it easy for medical students to access the necessary information to select the right program for their training needs.

Key Features include:

Couples Match: Applicants participating in the Couples Match can seamlessly generate a list of optimal program pairs for your rank list. Users can sort by programs within the same institution or within a certain range of distance.

Neighborhood Insights: Neighborhood Insights offers unique stats on each program's community, including overall livability, quality of local schools, housing prices, cost of living, and more.

Personalized Search: Our robust personalized search engine helps applicants discover programs tailored to their individual career goals. Users can easily filter programs by specialty, geography, hospital type, intended fellowship, training environment, and more.

Real Reviews: Residency Navigator provides access to personal, anonymized reviews and ratings from verified residents and alumni regarding their satisfaction with important program aspects, such as mentorship, culture, and diversity.

Specialty-Specific Insights: Users can compare their Step scores to matched applicants in each specialty, and explore median Step score ranges, the number of applicants who matched and didn't match within each score range, as well as alumni subspecialization statistics.

To learn more about additional features, please visit Residency Navigator Features.

For more information about Doximity's 2022-2023 Residency Navigator, please visit doximity.com/residency.

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