4 Times the Doximity Fax Made my Life Easier

Aug 17, 2017 · Doximity Insider

As a clinician, you're busy. You don't have time to wait for an incoming fax. We hear you.

This is why we created the Doximity Fax -- fax from anywhere, right from your smartphone. Here are a few ways that Doximity Fax has saved time and made our clinicians' lives easier:

"It was around 2:15 am and the UCSF Emergency room called me and asked me if I could look at at EKG right away. As the overnight on-call cardiology fellow, one of our responsibilities is to determine whether the cardiac catheterization laboratory needs to be activated for a particular type of myocardial infection, called a STEMI, in which "every minute counts." We, as an institution, had recently been chided by the UCSF administration for "texting" each other photos of EKGs from our smartphone due to the potential for error and HIPAA violation with such practices. Because of this, the ED physician asked me how he could get the EKG to me. Since the ED fax machine is notorious for taking over 10 minutes to transmit a fax, we were able to use Doximity (as we were both members) to securely transmit a fax within minutes. No violations, no delay! Indeed, that patient did need to go to the cath lab urgently. And, the next week, I was able to share the EKG with my colleagues as it was saved on my phone in my Doximity app."
-Payal Kohli, Cardiology

"I was called STAT to the ED where a patient chronically followed at another institution was critically ill. ED, ICU and cardiology were all very deeply involved in their care, but there was no clinical history available as they had come in by ambulance and there were no historians present.
We did have a name and where care was usually rendered. I just happened to have this specialist's mobile phone number and called them. I briefed them on the situation and asked for more information. They offered to send me the last clinical encounter documentation and asked me where they could send it. ED fax is often very busy with lab results, expected patient information and other documents. I asked to have the information sent to my Doximity fax number. I received it at the bedside within minutes and this made our clinical choices much more informed and reasoned in the care of this patient. I have been able to directly and securely send x-rays, wound images etc. to my cardiothoracic colleagues so that decisions can be made quickly and easily, avoiding unnecessary delay or travel."

-Greg Kurio, Pediatric Cardiology

“Doximity’s HIPAA-secure fax line has been a lifesaver. I was riding a shuttle bus between medical campuses when I was called by a community pediatrician who had an obscure genetic lab test result in his hands and the parents about to leave his office. He was desperate for someone to interpret the results before they walked out the door, and before Doximity, that’s what would have happened. In less than a minute I was looking at the results on my mobile device and empowered him to act on the results in real-time.”
-Bryce Abram Mendelsohn, Pediatrics

"I used the secure HIPAA fax line to receive records from an outside hospital on a patient who was being admitted for a STEMI recently. I needed the records fast and our fax machine in the ER was broken. I knew that the patient had a CABG in the past but did not know his anatomy. Before going to the cath lab we wanted to try to see if we could get his graft anatomy so we did not have to waste time searching for his grafts and we could go immediately to the problem vessel. Within 10 minutes we got the records to my secure inbox and found out that his RCA was 100% occluded chronically and that he had a SVG to the RCA. This shaved 30 minutes off our door to balloon time and helped save more of this patient's myocardium!I absolutely love the secure fax line. This makes my life so much easier."
-Sandeep Krishnan, Cardiology

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