5 Unique Ways Doctors are Earning CME

Feb 22, 2018 · Doximity Insider

Doximity DocNews provides physicians custom-curated news and an easy way to earn CME at no cost. Simply read articles right from the app and submit CME-eligible articles for free.

1. At point-of-care
"I was able to research this rare condition right before seeing my patient using CME search, then offer her the best advice based on data. I’ve been using it more and more to find relevant articles in rare topics. It helped me guide her on the options available."
-Jose Taveras, MD

"I love point of care CME through Doximity. I search for new fibromyalgia study results every morning, and use the results to educate myself and my patients, often posting study results on my professional FB page. I change my practice habits depending on study results. Thank you so much for providing this service!"
-Melissa Congdon, MD

2. In between patients
"I have obtained CMEs through Doximity in between cases!"
-Rob Schuster, MD

Doximity is my favorite way to earn CME credits. I have always pulled a few articles each day at the radiology workstation. By doing so through the easy-to-use Doximity article search, I can claim CME credits for the articles I review and use to improve my reports."
-Christopher Reilly, MD

3. Out of the office
"I recently spent 10 days in the Catskills as a camp physician and accessing Doximity CME was very simple."
-Adam Bloomfield, MD

4. Without thinking about it
"I use the Doximity DocNews daily to see any upcoming and cutting edge news. Doximity allows me to connect with other doctors, read articles and collect CME for reading that I do anyways."
-Tina Nguyen, MD

"Doximity's effort to seamlessly integrate CME credits into my own medical news and education reading was a quick way to obtain additional credits. Later, as I was tracking the credits, I realized that not only did Doximity provide an easy and free format for additional CME credits for the reading I was already doing, but it also provides an online tracker of your credits including credits from other sources. I would say the ability to email credits to the CME assistance address and then automatically get them loaded for tracking is a truly excellent feature."
-Daniel Correa, MD

5. Right from their phone
"Having the chance of keeping updated with some interesting studies and receiving CME credits with the simple touch of a button in my smart phone."
-Andre Pinto, MD

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