7 apps every clinician needs

Here are seven apps to help save time and make life easier

Apr 05, 2016 · Ali Bonar

By Ali Bonar, Doximity

Doctors and healthcare professionals are super busy. We know you are trying to juggle a lot of different responsibilities at once, both at work and at home. Here are seven apps to help save time and make life easier, so that you can focus on patient care rather than daily busywork.  

1. Evernote - You can create and save notes wherever you are, via text, photo, attachments, email and more.  For example, jot down notes of discussions with other clinicians, or of a lecture you attended. You can then search for specific words and phrases in all of your notes in seconds, rather than spending hours digging through each of them separately. You can also store website articles and PDFs that you want to read or save for a later date. However, according to their support site, Evernote is not HIPAA-compliant so make sure you do not store patient-identifiable data.

2. Any.do - Keep track of your to-do list to help you be more productive every day.  Any.do is a task-management app that can help you create to-do lists and reminders that sync across devices. And the Any.do Moment helps you to make a habit of reviewing your daily tasks first thing in the morning so you're never caught off guard by surprise tasks later in the day.

3. Amion - Stay on top of your on-call shifts and coordinate coverage with others in your department. Want to switch shifts with a colleague? Send them a HIPAA-secure message in order to easily do so.

4. 1Password - As a medical professional, security is essential. 1Password helps you remember all your passwords and even strengthens weak or duplicate passwords to enhance security.

5. MedCalX - This leading medical calculator allows you to access complicated medical formulas, scales, scores and classifications. With calculators for a broad range of specialties, it makes calculations quick and easy to perform. In addition, users can create a list of patients, and save the calculations performed for those particular patients to their profiles.

6. Box - Store and share files online with Box’s HIPAA-secure service. You can store all your files in the cloud (personal and work!), so that you can access them anytime, from any device. Box recently launched a DICOM viewer service so you can store, view and share DICOM files, like MRI’s and x-rays.

7. Doximity - And yes, we had to mention it. The professional network for physicians and healthcare professionals. The free mobile app features personalized news, a HIPAA-secure digital fax line, an easy way to earn CME credits on-the-go, plus the ability to easily connect with other clinicians.

What apps do you find most helpful as a clinician? Which apps do you use everyday to be most productive? Tweet @doximity with your top picks!

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