Announcing Our Graduating Class of Telehealth Fellows

In celebration of our 2021-2022 class of Telehealth Fellows

Oct 31, 2022 · Dox Spotlight

Doximity is proud to celebrate the graduation of our first class of Telehealth Fellows. These future-oriented thinkers helped shape the trajectory of virtual care and our Telehealth platform, Doximity Dialer. Our Fellows were actively engaged and worked at the forefront of telehealth, giving talks and presentations and conducting research. In addition, they provided Doximity with feedback and strategic guidance for ongoing product development, impacting hundreds of thousands of health professionals and tens of millions of patients nationwide.


Dr. Sanah Ali
Vedanshi Bhargava, Medical Student


Dr. Robert Bolash
Dr. Tina Chu
Dr. Alice Chuang
Dr. Par Fatteh
Dr. Vishal Gupta
Dr. Kelley Hagerich
Dr. Munir Janmohamed
Dr. Nicolas Kahl
Dr. Faranak Kamangar
Dr. Tommy Korn
Dr. Daniel Kwan
Dr. Jin Sol Lee
Dr. Michael Lew
Dr. Margarita Loeza
Dr. Justin Marson
Dr. Brian McSteen
Dr. Arman Mosenia
Dr. Deanne Nyland
Dr. Ishani Premaratne
Dr. Rodney Samaan
Dr. Aalap Shah
Pooja Sharma
Sarah Watanaskul, Medical Student
Dr. Sheila Young-Mercado
Dr. Neal Yuan
Dr. Nathan Yung


Matthew Swanson, Medical Student


Dr. Michael Bass

District of Columbia

Dr. Darlene Lawrence


Dr. Jason Adler
Dr. Ankush Bansal
Dr. Steven Finkelstein
Dr. Adam Lowry
Dr. Ozlem Pala
Dr. Devang Sanghavi
Dr. Bhavya Trivedi


Dr. John De Caro
Dr. Kimberly Kreitinger


Dr. Derek Uemura


Dr. Jasdeep Gill


Dr. Reed Berger
Keven Stonewall, Medical Student
Dr. Daniel Wozniczka


Dr. Raghav Tripathi


Dr. Celina Bernabe


Akanksha Dadlani, Medical Student
Dr. Bianca Georgakopoulos


Dr. Michael Castine


Dr. Jennifer Bepple
Dr. Leonard Haas
Dr. Matthew Levy
Dr. Mark Young


Dr. Megan Cardoso
Dr. Karla Kendrick
Dr. Paresh Mane
Dr. Grace Perez-Lirio
Dr. Anand Prabhakar
Dr. Caroline Yang


Dr. Aiesha Ahmed
Vibav Mouli, Medical Student

New Hampshire

Nicole Sczekan, CNM

New Jersey

Dr. Michael Arcaro
Dr. Evelyn Balogun
Dr. Nina Luskin, PT, DPT
Dr. Adesuwa Okesanya

New York

Dr. Sharon Batista
Dr. Malcolm Forbes
Dr. David Godfried
Dr. Clarence Kong
Dr. MaryBeth Parisi
Habib Rasoully, Medical Student
Dr. Laika Simeon-Thompson

North Carolina

Andrew Brake, MSN, FNP-BC
Dr. Patricia Convery
Dr. James DuRant
Dr. Steven Gangloff
Dr. Kevin Lobdell


Dr. Patrick Beeman
Oroshay Kaiwan, Medical Student
Dr. Sarita Salzberg
Dr. Christopher Snyder
Dr. Dani Zoorob


Dr. Lauren Burton
Dr. Arooshi Kumar
Dr. Jules Lipoff

Rhode Island

Dr. Carolyn Blackman


Dr. Ronald Crandall
Dr. Nilesh B Dave
Dr. Morayo Ejiofor
Dr. Jesus Rodriguez
Dr. Sabari Sundarraj


Lisa Ding, PA-C
Dr. Mark Lo

West Virginia

Dr. Benjamin Silverberg


Dr. Sachin Pawar
Kevin Schneider, Medical Student

Interested in joining our next class of Digital Health Fellows? Applications for our year-long program for medical professionals interested in advancing digital health technology will be opening in early November.

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