Doximity Adds Scan Number and Siri Integration to Dialer Telehealth Toolkit

Aug 04, 2022 · Doximity Insider

Today we are excited to announce the launch of two new time-saving features on Dialer, Doximity’s mobile telehealth platform. With Scan Number, physicians can use the camera on their mobile device to rapidly read and dial phone numbers directly from a paper chart or desktop EHR screen, simplifying workflow and cutting the time spent on the dozens of calls a provider has to make each day.

“Physicians are still hand-dialing patient phone numbers from land-locked EHR systems and off paper charts,” said Alex Blau, MD, Medical Director at Doximity. “Saving even a handful of seconds per call adds up to thousands of hours across a platform that serves tens of millions of patient calls each year.”

In addition to Scan Number, Dialer is also adding native Siri integration on iOS for spoken calling instructions, giving physicians the flexibility to initiate secure patient calls hands-free—whether scrubbed into surgery or driving between clinical sites.

Scan Number and Dialer’s Siri integration build on Doximity’s portfolio of backward-compatible mobile health tools, helping physicians integrate healthcare’s many legacy technologies—like pagers and fax machines—into a unified mobile workflow.

"Doximity’s new Scan Number feature not only saves time—and even a few seconds adds up with so many patients to reach—but it also eliminates misdialing errors,” said Reed Berger, MD, PNS, Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery and Medicine at University of Illinois Health. “As a busy physician practicing telemedicine exclusively, features like Scan Number help me give more time and attention to my patients."

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