Doximity Celebrates International Women’s Day

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Mar 07, 2019 · Doximity Insider

The 2019 International Women’s Day theme is all about balance - “A balanced world is a better world.” And that’s something we take seriously here at Doximity because we see the benefits of balance every day.

Balance at work equals less stress and burnout, and more creativity and productivity. It means having the capacity to reach big professional goals, while also meeting personal obligations and spending time with our families.

Doximity is proud to provide a workplace where our employees feel welcome, and can bring their real selves to work.

Here are a few ways that we demonstrate our commitment to balance and gender equality:

  • Out of our 319 Doxers, 40% are women. 32% of those female Doxers are on our R&D and Product teams. As a tech company, it’s important to us to have female employees across all functions and levels, because we know representation matters, and we want to foster an inclusive and diverse company.
  • We pay a competitive wage that is blind to gender, and focuses on the skills and experience people bring to the team. The average salary for women at Doximity is more than twice the national average for women.
  • We evaluate our job descriptions for gender-coded language, to ensure our applicant pool is as diverse as possible, and to remove unconscious bias from our recruiting process.
  • Balance and flexibility are at the heart of our WFH Wednesdays, which provide an opportunity for our team to recharge and GSD/GLD
  • We schedule monthly breakfast meetups for our female Doxers, aimed to support and cultivate women and their careers at Doximity through events, professional development, and mentorship. Our Women@Dox group has also started hosting Bay Area mixers for female professionals in the tech industry, because we know that sharing our success and stories has to extend beyond our doors.

We also recognize that a robust benefits package can go a long way to supporting a diverse and balanced workplace. So in 2019, we rolled out new benefits to further support Doxers, including:

  • Paid parental leave for both moms and dads (for birth or adoptive parents), and 6 weeks of flex time when they come back to work.
  • A move to Discretionary Time Off (DTO), giving Doxers more flexibility and autonomy over their time, so they can take time off as they need it.

Doximity is thriving, and it’s because of the talent, hard work and loyalty from all our employees. By implementing these programs and following such policies, we demonstrate our commitment and ensure that our employees know they are appreciated and supported.

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