Doximity Dialer: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

A Guide to Getting Setup and Learning More About Doximity Dialer

Apr 11, 2020 · Doximity Insider

With all the new users turning to Doximity Dialer to practice safe and effective communication during the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to help answer some of the most frequently asked questions. Get setup, learn how to use Doximity Dialer’s features, and troubleshoot problems you’re experiencing using the guide below.

General Questions & Getting Setup

What does Doximity Dialer do and where can I download it?

Who can use Doximity Dialer?

Is Doximity Dialer HIPAA secure?

I need to get verified in order to use Dialer. How do I get verified?

I downloaded the Doximity app, but I don’t see the Dialer feature or icon on my phone. Why?

Can I view a history/log of the calls I’ve made to patients?

Care Teams Questions

As a physician, how do I add people to my care team?

I’m a healthcare professional that isn’t an MD, DO, NP, PA, medical student, or PharmD. How can I join a physician’s care team? See video tutorial:

Is there a maximum number of people allowed per care team?

Doximity Dialer Video Calling Tool Questions

Who can use Doximity Dialer Video?

Which devices can I make Doximity Dialer Video calls on?

Is Doximity Dialer Video HIPAA Compliant?

Can I join a Doximity Dialer Video Call on my desktop computer or iPad?

I don't see an option for the Doximity Dialer Video function on my app. Why?

Where can I find a record of my Doximity Dialer Video Calls?

Can I add a third participant to my video call?

Enablement and Useability Questions

How can I add my office number on Dialer so it appears on my patients’ caller ID when I call them?

How do I enable the one way texting feature on Dialer?

How do I use the Straight to Voicemail feature?

How do I place calls with Doximity Dialer in the Epic Haiku app?

How can I make conference calls using Dialer?

Troubleshooting Questions

When I call out using Dialer, the number that appears on my phone is a completely different number that starts with a 415 area code. Why?

How can patients call my cell without having my number?

After I added my office line and called my patient using Dialer, it’s [still not showing the name of my hospital/showing up as unknown] on my patient’s phone. Why?

When I was setting up my account, I accidentally put in my personal cell phone number as my office number, and now I keep getting a “We are unable to complete your call" message. Is there a way I can edit or reset this so I can put in the right information?

I've tried making a call, but I keep seeing a message that says to remove my caller ID block. How do I set my caller ID setting so my number is not private/blocked?

Have questions that aren’t answered here? Please see a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions here:

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