Doximity Dialer Now Free for All U.S. Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students

Jun 15, 2022 · Doximity Insider

As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes the landscape of US healthcare, pharmacists are increasingly sharing the burden of remote patient care. Given their expanding clinical roles, it is critical for pharmacists to have access to the cutting-edge communication tools in use by other healthcare professionals—tools that improve patient access, workflow flexibility, and protect provider privacy in the process.

To that end, we are excited to announce that Doximity’s secure, mobile communication tools—voice and video calling, no-reply texting, and digital faxing—will now be free for the nationwide community of pharmacists and pharmacy students.

We are grateful for the enduring heroism of this country’s healthcare professionals, and it is an honor to serve you as you care for our families and communities.

How Dialer Works

How Pharmacists Are Using Doximity Dialer to Improve Patient Care:

"I could not do my job without Doximity Dialer. As pharmacist roles expand to include clinical services, tools like Dialer become even more important because they allow me to provide patient care from anywhere."
-Elizabeth Eggleston, PharmD, Boise, Idaho

"I routinely use the no-reply text messaging when I can't get through to patients about highly sensitive information. This allows me to notify them to contact our clinic immediately."
-Paula Moore, BSPharm, PharmD, NCTTP, Dallas, Texas

"Doximity has proven to be an extremely useful tool for contacting patients, whether through audio or video calls, to provide a broad spectrum of care, such as device teaching, medication counseling, management of DM, HTN, HLD, smoking cessation, and much more."
-Kalyn Lazar, PharmD, Boston, Massachusetts

Need to set up Dialer?

1) Download and launch the Doximity App
2) Select the "Dialer" tab at the bottom of the screen
3) Go through the on-screen set-up instructions, and that's it!
Full setup and usage details here

Already a Dialer user?

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