Doximity’s Telehealth Platform is Just Getting Started

Expanding Dialer to Meet Every Need

Nov 12, 2020 · Doximity Insider

At Doximity we’re committed to making communication in healthcare easier, more accessible, and more secure. Earlier this year, we extended free access to Doximity Dialer to the broader healthcare community to support remote work for essential employees throughout 2020. While we are incredibly proud of that milestone as a company, it represents so much more than just a number.

Making Virtual Care More Accessible & Easier to Use

With Dialer, physicians were finally able to make HIPAA-compliant calls to patients with their own smartphones, from any location. We also made it easy to set the Caller ID to their main office lines, protecting clinicians’ privacy, as well as their patient’s.

In May, we expanded Dialer’s capabilities with the introduction of secure video visits, making it a complete telemedicine platform. Dialer has become one of the most-used and best-reviewed telemedicine tools on the market today, with over 100K physicians using it regularly for their telehealth visits.

The Journal of American College of Surgeons rated Dialer the “easiest way to connect with patients”.

But more than just a tool for our members, Dialer made virtual care more accessible and easier to use for patients. As telehealth visits climbed to 20% of all visits in 2020, many telehealth solutions were too complicated for patients, and prevented them from accessing their appointments.

In a recent survey, 93% of physicians say Dialer enables them to keep patient visits that may have otherwise been canceled. And 83% of physicians say they have more successful call connections using Doximity Dialer compared to other telehealth solutions.

Expanding Dialer to Meet Every Need

We know that hundreds of thousands of physicians and healthcare workers rely on Doximity Dialer, so it’s important that it’s not just a great tech product, but also continues to meet their needs as they practice medicine. In order to continue to provide high quality telehealth capabilities to our members into the future, on January 1st we are expanding Dialer into three different service levels and launching Dialer Pro.

Dialer Pro will allow members to continue to use the features that have helped over half a million healthcare professionals connect with their patients since March alone. A Dialer Pro Subscription will provide unlimited voice and video visits, on both mobile and desktop, in addition to all of our extended telehealth features like group calling, patient hand-offs, call nudges and no-reply texting. We will continue to support a free limited version of Dialer - Dialer Basic - for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.

We’ve also launched Dialer Enterprise for Hospitals and Health Systems who want to enable Dialer access for all users at their organization. With over 50 U.S. health systems already using Dialer Enterprise for virtual care, we have quickly become one of the largest telehealth platforms in the country.

You can learn about these options and more here.

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