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Sep 14, 2020 · Doximity Insider

Dialer Video is the simplest and most secure telemedicine solution available. Your physician simply sends you a link to join the call; you don’t have to download software or sign in to a separate site. Here you'll find tutorial videos, how-to-guides, troubleshooting tips, and more to help you better connect with your doctor.

What To Expect From Your Visit | 60 Second Video Tutorial

How-To-Guide & FAQ:

-How to use Dialer Video on your smartphone: English, Spanish, Chinese

-How to use Dialer Video on your computer: English

-FAQs Patients Have About Joining A Doximity Video Call


The key to any successful video visit with your clinician is a reliable wifi connection and a supported/updated browser. Here we'll go through a few tips and tricks you can try to fix a bad connection.

  1. Switching your internet connection: If you're on your cellular network (not connected to wifi), connecting to wifi can help. To do this on your phone, go to settings, tap wifi, and then select your wifi network
  2. Switch to cellular: If you're on your wifi network, try switching to cellular. To do this on your phone, go to settings, tap wifi, and then turn off wifi.
  3. Update your browser: To do this, tap Settings, General, then Software Update. Tap download and install. How-to-guide here:
  4. Checking if your browser is supported: Below you'll find a list of what browsers support Dialer Video calls. If using Chrome, or edge you'll need to make sure you're running on the latest version. If using Safari, you'll need to be operating on Safari 11 or greater.

Need help with your camera or microphone? If you are unable to enable your camera and microphone you will need to manually enable them. Here's how:

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