How to Find News on Doximity

Use the search tool to find exactly what you're looking for

Feb 15, 2018 · Doximity Insider

A patient comes into your office with advanced stage diabetes. In order to provide the best possible treatment recommendation, you need the latest research - stat.

Here's where we come in: search by topic or specialty to quickly locate the latest research on a particular illness or disorder. Stay informed and feel confident that you're treating patients with the latest information in your field.

See how other physicians use Doximity search in their day-to-day practice:

"The latest development in hepatitis C treatment hold tremendous promise for cure but comes with an enormous price tag. I wanted to get a sense of what gastroenterologists and non-GI physicians thought about this issue. The first place I searched was DocNews on, where I found a rich spectrum of opinions on this matter from every sub-specialty of medicine. It was wonderful and exactly what I needed."

"Doximity helped me one day to pick a new article about epilepsy surgery in the Neurosurgery Journal by quickly searching DocNews, all without the need to go through the complicated process of the advanced searching tools of Google Scholars or PubMed."

"My patient had medullary thyroid carcinoma, so i initiated an article search on Docnews, and found several informative articles with salient data that I told her about. I directed her to further reading. Doximity made this an easy process."

Simply open up your Doximity app, search for a condition or topic in the search bar, and voila! Cutting-edge research, right at point-of-care.

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