As a nurse practitioner, when it comes to deciding where to live, several factors come into play. But for many NPs, two of the most significant elements may be salary and cost of living. This is especially important for NPs because location can have a great impact on salary. We launched Doximity Career Navigator to help NPs get a transparent look at what average salaries are across the country on a county level. And we learned a lot about NP salaries. We found that salaries varied across the country. For example, a family nurse practitioner in Arlington Heights, Virginia makes $110,147, while that same FNP in Munday, Texas makes $100,299.

To dig into this a bit deeper, we also looked into where it takes the least amount of time to buy a house. Hopefully this data, along with our salary data can help NPs make more more informed decisions when it comes to their career. Here’s a sneak peek of what those housing stats look like for family nurse practitioners:

Where it will take the least amount of time to buy a house:

  1. Shannon County, South Dakota - less than 1 year
  2. Wade Hampton, Alaska - less than 1 year
  3. Cochran County, Texas - 1.2 years
  4. Hall County, Texas - 1.3 years
  5. Mcdowell County, West Virginia - 1.3 years

To explore the full compensation map, and search by your specialty and region, visit Doximity Career Navigator.