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Watch physician content creators explain how they use Doximity GPT in their unique clinical settings.

Mar 12, 2024 · Social Team @ Doximity

Doximity GPT is creating a significant buzz in the medical community, and physicians are buzzing with excitement over how this innovative AI tool is revolutionizing their workflows. It's not just about getting tasks done; it's about enhancing patient care by freeing up valuable time. Our esteemed social media ambassadors have taken to various platforms to share their firsthand experiences with Doximity GPT. They've crafted insightful videos that break down the specifics of how they're integrating this technology into their daily routines. Take a moment to explore these videos and see how each of them use Doximity GPT in their unique clinical settings. Try Doximity GPT here.

Melina, Manolas, MD explains how Doximity GPT is a time saver for any physician. Efficiency is 🔑👑 link is in my bio! @Doximity #DoximityPartner #efficiency #medtok #doctorsoftiktok #timesaver #residency #residentlife ♬ original sound - Dr. Melina👩🏼‍⚕️

James Perucho, MD shares a quick and easy way to generate procedure notes.

@dr.jamesperucho @Doximity introducing #DoximityGPT #doximitypartner #doximity #doctorsoftiktok #docsoftiktok ♬ What You Need (Instrumental) - KAYTRANADA

Jessica D'Annibale, DO breaks down why Doximity GPT helps her avoid feeling like she's at the office -- even when she's at home.

@doctorjessicaann Offloading administrative tasks means being able to achieve a better work/life balance, which you know I am all about 🤝 #doximitypartner #fyp #pediatrics #doctorsoftiktok @Doximity ♬ Stolen Dance (Instrumental) - Milky Chance

Student Doctor Andy Nguyen shares how Doximity GPT is a hack for medical student rotations.

@therealndmd I was asked recently if I used any history and physical exam (H&P) templates when I first started clinical rotations, and my answer was “I just figured it out as I went” . . . But now I can send students over to Doximity’s new GPT right in the Doximity app to generate note templates and patient question checklists in seconds. It saves a ton of time and will help you be one of the most prepared students on your team as you approach clinical rotations. Shoutout to Doximity for the sick custom scrubs too for making me look more ✨official✨#doximityambassador #medschool #premed #medstudent ♬ original sound - Andy Nguyen

Rosy Thachil, MD advocates for bringing the humanity back to medicine by letting AI do the paper work.

@rosythachilmd As a busy physician, @Doximity GPT can help you streamline your administrative tasks, reclaim precious time, and decrease burnout! Check it out at #doximitygpt #healthinnovation #healthtech #doctorlife #AIassistant #physicianlife #timesaver #burnout #physicianlifestyle #healthtechrevolution #medtech #doctortools #techinmedicine #digitalhealthcare #doximity #drthachil #drrosythachil #rosythachilmd #healthiswealth @Doximity ♬ original sound - rosythachilmd

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