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As the most comprehensive residency program directory available for medical students, Doximity Residency Navigator helps answer the question: “What is life like at this residency program?” By reading about the experiences and perspectives of verified current program residents and recent alumni, future residents can get a better sense of what to expect at the residency programs they’re considering.

We value the privacy of the reviewers and, as a policy, reviews are anonymized and names will never be disclosed under any circumstances.

These guidelines are presented to ensure Residency Navigator’s reviews remain insightful and authentic for residency applicants.

Who is Eligible

The Satisfaction Survey allows current residents and alumni to provide ratings on several program characteristics and submit an anonymous written review of the residency program where they trained.

Who is eligible to submit reviews for the Satisfaction Survey?

Verified Doximity members who are (1) Current residents, with at least 1 year of residency completed OR (2) Alumni within 10 years of graduation.

If an eligible participant has already completed a Satisfaction Survey before, he or she will be ineligible to participate again.

Characteristics of a Good Review

Authenticity: Reviews must be original and entirely written by you. They should truly reflect your personal experience, not what you might have heard from others.

Relevancy: Stay on-topic and appropriate to the subject matter. Reviews that include political ideologies, religious topics, or anything not central to the residency experience will not be published.

Accuracy: Make sure your review is factually correct and does not include misrepresented facts or figures.

Balanced Perspectives: Every residency program has areas where it excels and areas where it can improve. Including perspectives from both areas allow readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the program.

Brevity: A concise, easy-to-read paragraph keeps the reader engaged and allows your review to have the most impact.

What’s Not Allowed

  • Reviews that are libelous, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, or contain profanity.
  • Reviews that express intolerance for others on the basis of sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, or nationality.
  • Reviews that contain specific names, details, or facts that can be used to identify individuals.
  • Reviews that include critical blanket statements, i.e. “This program sucks”, without giving appropriate context and detailed reasoning.
  • Reviews that include confidential information or Protected Health Information.

If you see a review on Residency Navigator that you believe violates our guidelines, please contact with your concerns regarding the review in question.


Doximity reserves the right to edit a review for brevity or remove a review from Residency Navigator for any violation of our Review Guidelines. Doximity retains sole discretion with respect to interpreting and enforcing this policy.

The reviews posted on Residency Navigator are individual and subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in the reviews are those of Residency Navigator reviewers and not of Doximity, Inc. Doximity does not endorse any of the opinions expressed by the reviewers.

For any questions about our Review Guidelines, please contact

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