Why Minutes Matter More Than Ever in Telemedicine

Doximity Dialer Video Enables Doctors to Focus on the Medicine

Jun 02, 2020 · Doximity Insider

By Dr. Pete Alperin, VP Product at Doximity

What is that famous adage? Time equals money? For physicians this has never been more true. And this puts tremendous pressure on physician practices to be efficient and effective with their time. Medical professionals have always needed to navigate an ocean of different tasks ranging from office visits to hospital rounds to committee meetings. Minutes matter, so it makes sense that a telehealth solution should value a physician’s time as much as they do.

In response to the surge in telehealth, Doximity has created Dialer Video, the most easy-to-use, secure, and reliable solution on the market. We have taken great care to think about how physicians actually practice, not how some distant administrator thinks they should. In particular, we recently added features that not only help physicians save precious time, but also give physicians more control of their time. 

Call Nudge

A no show appointment is costly. Necessary care isn’t delivered, the patient is often unhappy, and time isn’t billed. There are many causes of a missed appointment, one of which is that the patient simply forgets or has the appointment time wrong. Call Nudge allows you to call your patient directly while you are waiting for them to join your video appointment. Call Nudge means multiple fewer steps to get connected. 

I love the 'Call Nudge' feature. Just used it for the first time and it saved me 2 minutes on first use.  It allowed me to spend those extra two minutes in the care of the patient instead of trying to connect with her.  Ease of use was excellent and I love the little directions too! :-)  LOVE IT.” Jason Mower, PA-C, Glenn Medical Center

'Patient Arrived' Text

You initiated your video visit, the link to join has been sent to your patient and... you are waiting for them to join. Sound familiar? It is not human nature to be perfectly punctual. But minutes matter. With Dialer Video, rather than sitting on the video call waiting for your patient, you can leave the app and we’ll text you when they join. We know physicians always have something more to do. This feature was built to help you efficiently multitask. 

Patient Consent

Gathering patient consent to a telehealth visit is an important safeguard and needs to be documented. Rather than needing to send your patients something by email to sign and return, Dialer Video automatically captures this consent when they first log in to their visit. This is one less thing you and your staff need to worry about. 
During this time when our world has been flipped upside down, time is not only money. Time is time. Doximity hopes that saving minutes throughout your day frees up your time to do something you love, whether it be learning Mandarin, perfecting your sous vide or binge-watching Outerbanks with your teenagers.

What more can we do to save you time? No idea too small or too big. Let us know: beta@doximity.com.

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