Women Surgeons Use Social Networking to Gain an Edge

Professional networks like Doximity make it easy to connect virtually with colleagues

Aug 26, 2014 · Production Blog Author

Construction, mining...and vascular surgery? With medicine becoming increasingly gender balanced, it was a surprise to find that select surgical specialties are among the most male-dominated careers in the US. Female surgeons are still outnumbered more than 9 to 1 in some fields.

When Doximity researchers took a closer look, we found a surprising trend in how these outnumbered female surgeons were using professional social networking compared to their male counterparts. Check it out:

Women Physicians Using Social Media to Gain Edge

Why does social networking matter to outnumbered female physicians? Professional networks like Doximity's make it easy to connect virtually with colleagues, even if you might never run into each other in the doctor's lounge. These female surgeons could be staying in touch with physicians they trained with, building a referring network outside of a "good ol' boys club," finding new career opportunities or even mentoring a new generation of female surgeons still in training.

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