12 Reasons Why Physicians Are Using Doximity Dialer Video for Their Telemedicine Visits

Simple and secure one-click video calls with patients. What's not to love?

May 07, 2020 · Doximity Insider

We launched Doximity Dialer Video to make telemedicine easier for physicians and their patients. Here's why doctors are choosing Doximity to place video calls with their patients:

1. It’s simple and familiar.

“It’s like being able to FaceTime with your patient and your private number stays private. Priceless.” Ronald Parris, MD (Anesthesiologist, Parris Pain Center)

2. It’s HIPAA-secure.

“Doximity Dialer Video Calling is an easy HIPAA-compliant way to do telemedicine." Shirley Cirillo, MD (Neurologist, Rochester Regional Health)

3. It’s easy for patients. Really easy.

"My patients were having trouble downloading apps but found it easy to click the Doximity link which came just as a text message.” Raman Madan, MD (Dermatologist, James J. Peters VA Hospital)

4. It saves you time.

"It is convenient because it alerts me when my patients joins the video call room and I can use the time waiting on them to check labs, pre-populate my visit note, etc.” (Internist, Alabama)

5. It’s quick to set up. Go live in 5 (minutes).

"Doximity Video Calling is a very easy and convenient way to audio-visually connect with patients in a HIPAA compliant way. As long as the patient has a smartphone, connecting is quick and straightforward. Even patients with no prior video calling experience can easily connect with Doximity Dialer Video." Steven Miller, MD (Clinical Faculty Instructor, Johns Hopkins)

6. Your entire staff can use it.

“All our practitioners were easily able to integrate telemedicine without buying expensive services. It has been so convenient, and patients aren’t required to download any apps on their end. They simply wait for the text-invite and we’re connected within a minute!" Gregory Copeland, MD (Hospice & Palliative Medicine, Copeland Medical)

How to get your staff set up on Doximity Dialer

7. Your cell phone number stays private.

“It works with Apple and Android easily. It uses my office phone number as the Caller ID and hides my cell phone number.” Jaydeen Morris, PA-C (Family Medicine, Family Care of Santa Maria)

8. It’s easier than current telemedicine products.

"Great help to do telehealth appointments especially for some of my patients where Zoom is more challenging to set up.” Peter Cheng, MD (Geriatrics, Palo Alto Medical Foundation)

"It’s anonymous video calling that’s easier to use than Zoom or Google Duo.” Kevin Nemeth, MD (Pain Medicine, Battle Creek VA Medical Center)

“One morning the EHR video app kept crashing or lagged to the point of rendering the visit unintelligible. Doximity video call allowed me to complete visits efficiently instead of wasting more time troubleshooting video with patients." Veronica Vittone, MD (Internal Medicine, Houston Methodist) 

9. Add another participant easily.

“Being able to add a third participant to a video call is so helpful and really enhances the experience I have with patients. If you have a non-english speaking patient you can have a three-way call with an interpreter.”  Jorge Alejandro Velez Garza, MD (Endocrinology, University Health System)

Here's how to add another participant

10. It’s integrated with Epic Haiku.

“If you use Epic, Haiku app already has Doximity integrated. Go to the patient’s chart in Haiku, click phone number, Doximity pops up! Tap Doximity. The patient’s # is then prepopulated in the Doximity app- then you can call via dialer, video, or straight to voicemail!” Fara Kamangar, MD (Dermatology, Palo Alto Medical Foundation) 

Here's how to call via Dialer in Haiku

11. One-stop shop: Voice, voicemail, and video.

“The Doximity Dialer system is a one-stop app that I use to manage my work throughout the day. I use the secure Dialer Video when in-person visits aren't feasible and the Dialer and Straight-to-Voicemail feature when I need to work from remote locations.” Danette Taylor, DO (Service Chief, Henry Ford Hospital)

12. See a call log for easy documentation.

“The Recents call log allows me to bill for my time in a more exact manner. The patient easily joined the call with a text message; I believe the email portals are already becoming more "obsolete" or second in line to text messaging." Julie Allen, FNP (Family Medicine, Unity Health)

13. You tell us :) 

Try Doximity Dialer Video to see just how easy it is to use, not just for you, but for your patients, too.

Doximity Video Calling Resources

Here are helpful resources to get you up and running in no time.

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