2021-2022 Residency Navigator Medical Student Hub

An Overview of Residency Navigator Features, Review Guidelines, FAQs and More

· The Doximity Residency Navigator Team

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Residency Navigator

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Residency Navigator. Last year, 90% of 4th-year medical students used Doximity’s Residency Navigator to discover and explore over 4,500+ residency programs across 28 specialties, 275,000 ratings and hand-written reviews, alumni maps, specialization analyses and more.

We’ve created this toolkit for medical students to learn how to best use Residency Navigator's features and help answer frequently asked questions about our process and program.

2021-2022 Residency Navigator Features: An overview of Residency Navigator's features, including the all new Couples Match Tool
How Medical Students Use Residency Navigator: An explanation of how to use Residency Navigator
Review Guidelines: Guidelines for the free-response reviews submitted by Satisfaction Survey respondents that appear on residency program page
2021-2022 Residency Navigator Frequently Asked Questions: Commonly asked questions about Residency Navigator and the surveys that power them

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